Three mobile screens showing parts of the new Stadium app
Jennifer Hagman
Stadium consists of the concept Stadium, Stadium Outlet and Stadium Run, which together have around 180 physical stores and each an e-commerce. Together they form the largest sports chain in Sweden with a vision to activate the world.
Note that this is a fictional project I undertook during my free time, as I observed the issues arising with Stadium's app for both customers and staff.
Stadiums vision and branding are clear, aligning seamlessly with all their marketing and the appearance of their website.
Unfortunately, their application has not kept pace with the rest of the company on this journey and has ended up somewhat in the background. The majority of Stadium's customers encounter issues finding their discounts and prefer using the website for shopping instead. The personal QR code is nearly impossible to locate, leading to stressful situations between staff and customers in store.
I designed a more cohesive layout that aligns with Stadium's marketing and the design of the website.
My goal was to create a more user-friendly shopping experience, incorporating chips that direct customers to specific categories along with a prominent display of current campaigns and discounts on the landing page. To make it convenient, customers can easily locate their personal QR code by tapping the orange CTA available on their profile and throughout the app.
Four rectangles talking about the research
Three rectangles talking about the problems
Three numbers talking about the solution
ium app
Three screens of the Stadium app, womens wear, favorites and campaigns
Three screesn showing Stadium app womens wear