Hello I Am Jennifer hagman a digital designer from malmö.
When I started studying Graphic Design at Brobygrafiska in 2021, I quickly realized that Digital Design was the path I wanted to focus on, although I couldn't quite put my finger on why and how. So, in 2023, I jumped straight into the digital world.
I am currently a Digital Design student at Brobygrafiska, aiming to create challenging designs that are accessible to all. My goal with my current education is to gather as much experience and knowledge as possible so that I can handle projects from start to finish. I aspire to work with people who inspire me to grow not only technically as a designer but also as a team member.
What motivates me about digital design is that we always designing with a purpose but also its constant evolution, which requires our continuous development. Today, I want to create challenging designs accessible to all. However, who knows what I'll be doing in a few years.
Some random facts
I am a person who has been doing sports all my life, with everything from Muay Thai to basketball. When I am not doing sports (or currently studying), I love backpacking , and my dream is to one day be able to work while traveling. If you're working with me, you might hear me ending my sentences with 'beep bop' or 'lala' when I try to explain something.  I am not very good at sitting normally on a chair, and sometimes, I need to jump or run around, making me quite certain that I was an '80s aerobic instructor in my past life.
Digital Designer
Brobygrafiska, Sunne
A two year higher vocational education in Graphic Design and communication for web and digital solutions.  Focus is placed on obtain a comprehensive view of how different media channels can interact and build brands and also how to create finished productions, from concept to realization. Main focus during education is on UX, UI and front-end.
Graphic Designer
Brobygrafiska, Sunne
A two-year higher vocational education program in Graphic Design and Print. Focus is placed on being able to create, as well as being able to produce what you have created.
Work Experience
Graphic Designer Intern
Stadium Commercial & Brand, Stockholm
A 15-week internship with the Commercial & Brand team, where I assisted in creating newsletters, components for their website, and animations, aligning them with current campaigns
Graphic Designer Intern
Clarion Malmö Live, Malmö
Visual Merchandiser
Stadium Svågertorp, Malmö
I was in charge of the visual work at one of Sweden's largest sports stores, where I styled store sections and display pods to create an inspiring shopping journey for customers. I also prepared materials for upcoming campaigns.